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Factory-producer of CAD separators
SPC «Aeromeh»™ Ltd.
Equipment for cleaning and calibration of grain
Separator CAD-4
Separator CAD-5
Separator CAD-7
Separator CAD-10
Separator CAD-10-01
Separator CAD-15
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Separator CAD-150
Grain loaders



CAD separators - Cleaner Aero Dynamic.

Machines for preparing high-yield sowing material of high quality.

CAD separators work in 4 modes:

• Preliminary seed-cleaning;

• Primary seed-cleaning;

• Secondary seed-cleaning;

• Calibrating of seeds by their specific weight.

CAD calibrates seeds by the biological value.

CAD separator picks out grain from the middle part of the ear, corncob, etc.

When buying CAD, You get harvest increase up to 40%.

Separator CAD-150 with cyclone
  CAD separator - it is:

•  Effective cleaning of all types of crop seeds;

•  Seed-calibrating by the specific weight;

•  Getting healthy high-class sowing material;

•  Picking out the most viable and productive grains from the general pile;

•  Taking puny, crushed, pest-damaged and sick seed away to the waste;

•  Cleaning and calibrating of all types of cereals and products of their production, and also any types of bulks (granite crumbs, crushed stones, sawdust, etc.);

•  Getting of ecologically pure production by minimization of using plant protectors;

•  Selecting grain with high protein content, and rising classiness of cash grain;

•  Getting of inexpensive and high-quality sowing material, and also preparing of excellent cash and bread grain;

•  Crop capacity rise up to 40%;

•  Convenience in work with any initial material without essential restrictions in impurity and humidity of the initial material (in 95% cases);

•  Simplicity in operating and maintenance;

•  After-sales service, warranty;

•  Longevity;

•  Broad model row from 4 to 150 TPH.

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We at AGRO-2015 in Kiev
03 June 2015
The XXVII International Agroindustrial exhibition «AGRO-2015» will be held on June 3-6, 2015 in Kyiv. Read more about our location at the exhibition on our phones.

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Stroll through the exhibition Agro-2014 with Aeromeh
13 June 2014
We invite to stroll through the exhibition AGRO-2014.

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We invite to the exhibition in Kiev, discount up to 20%!
04 June 2014
4-7 of June 2014 will take place XXVI International agricultural fair "AGRO - 2014". More.

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