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Factory-producer of CAD separators
SPC «Aeromeh»™ Ltd.
Equipment for cleaning and calibration of grain
Separator CAD-4
Separator CAD-5
Separator CAD-7
Separator CAD-10
Separator CAD-10-01
Separator CAD-15
Separator CAD-20
Separator CAD-30
Separator CAD-40
Separator CAD-50
Separator CAD-100
Separator CAD-150
Grain loaders


Winner The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2012
Honorary Diploma and Statuette of the Ministry of agriculture of Moldova Moldagroteh
Winner The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2011
The best exporter of Lugansk region 2010
Winner The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2010
Honorary certificate and medal of Cabinet of Ministers 2010
Winner The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2009
Finalist The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2009
Gold medal of an exhibition "Agri-2009"
Winner The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2008
The best 100 goods of Ukraine-2006-2007
Standart of quality-2006
Certificates of degree from the exhibitions
Laureat THE BEST 100 goods-2004
The best domestic product-2006
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We at AGRO-2015 in Kiev
03 June 2015
The XXVII International Agroindustrial exhibition «AGRO-2015» will be held on June 3-6, 2015 in Kyiv. Read more about our location at the exhibition on our phones.

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Stroll through the exhibition Agro-2014 with Aeromeh
13 June 2014
We invite to stroll through the exhibition AGRO-2014.

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We invite to the exhibition in Kiev, discount up to 20%!
04 June 2014
4-7 of June 2014 will take place XXVI International agricultural fair "AGRO - 2014". More.

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