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Equipment for cleaning and calibration of grain
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Sieve separator of preliminary cleaning

Separator of preliminary cleaning SPO Aeromeh

As a unit of separator CAD

Separator of preliminary cleaning SPO Aeromeh

3D diagram of separator SPO

Separator of preliminary cleaning SPO Aeromeh
SPOSieve separator of preliminary cleaning

Productivity - 30 TPH

when cleaning wheat with humidity up to 17%

and dockage with large impurities up to 3%

Separator is equipped

with sieves with round meshes

∅ 4 mm

∅ 8 mm

∅ 10 mm

Established power: 2,42 kWt


- electric motor of drive of sieve boot - 0,37

- scraping stabilizer - 0,55

- cyclone - 1,5

Separator dimensions:

Length - 2650 mm.

Width - 1500 mm.

Height - 1500 mm.

Cyclone dimensions:

Length - 1200 mm.

Width - 720 mm.

Height - 2650 mm.

Mass - 740 kg

Purposes of SPOSieve separator

SPOSieve separator of preliminary cleaning is intended for separating grain from large impurities such as: straw, spicate, mineral, etc., size of which exceeds size of grain.

Application of SPO

Separator SPO of preliminary cleaning is used at the enterprises engaged in post-harvest processing of grain. And is used as a part of grain-cleaning lines, in grain preparatory departments of elevators, and is also included in the complete sets of equipment in reconstructed and newly constructed grain-cleaning enterprises and grain silos together with such machines as CAD separators.

Structure and operation principle of SPO separator

Operation principle of theSieve separator of preliminary cleaning SPO is based on reciprocating motion ofSieves, both in horizontal and in vertical direction, that leads to more effective passage of grain onSieves. For more even and stable passage of grain scrapers are moving over theSieve to scatter grain all over theSieve for its more effective use it, and prevents grain from going to waste.

After scrapers goes the brush that sweeps away large impurities that haven't pass through theSieve.

Separator of preliminary cleaning SPO consists of the following units and mechanisms:

Separator of preliminary cleaning SPO consists of the following units and mechanisms

Cyclone on separator of preliminary cleaning SPO

Cyclone - it is a device for catching of dust, light impurities and fine-dispersed particles that go to separation together with the initial material. Cyclones are used at the enterprises that have strict ecological and sanitary production requirements. Distinctive features: compact size, low power consumption, simplicity of operation.

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