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TECHNLOGY: Dag Saether’s dream about creating an ecologically pure farm in Ukraine was not just a pastime for him. But every cloud has a silver lining. When construction of the prototype and Ukrainian version of Debio faced sabotage, Saether occasionally found a machine which sorts grain by very simple principle: by the weight.

- Machine picks out grain under the influence of gravitation with the help of air flow – says Saether.

In practice it works like this: grain hits the grid and then gets to the air flow made by the fan. Grain with the biggest weight will fly in the lower part of the air flow, and with the lightest - in the upper part. There is 9 exits in total in the smallest machine that Saether has brought to Norway. Levers that define the quantity of grain in each fraction are set manually. The smallest machine has productivity from 2 to 4 tons per hour depending on what is being cleaned. Manufacturer, SPC "Aeromeh", offers grain cleaning machines separator of 12 different sizes, and the biggest model has productivity of 150 tons of grain per hour.

Of course this machine can be used for raising the quality of cereal crops, from fodder to food, however Dag Saether thinks that it will be the most useful in seed grain processing

Tests that were conducted in Ukraine have shown that air-separation of seed grain gives good results in germination and sprouting ability. From the initial material of wheat weighting 2,7 tons on hectare the machine while using the best fractions makes it possible to raise crop capacity on ten tons from the hectare. There were also held researches in contamination by the causative agents, which have shown that in the best fractions it is possible to reduce it on 80 percent.

First test of the grain cleaning machine separator in Norway were conducted last year and continued in this year. Tests were conducted under the direction of Consulting agricultural council of Norway and Biological Sciences University (UMB). One of the tests was conducted by professor Helge Skinnes from the UMB university. In this rest two batches of oats were artificially infected, one batch very much, the other one – moderately.

- There were conducted no tests oats in Ukraine so we had poor hopes on the successful result, because the infection was under the oats' peel. However, contrary to all misgivings it occurred that in the best fractions of more infected grain germinating ability doubled. Germinating ability of the moderately infected oats has risen on 60 percent, while in the best fractions – on 80. The biggest question that we now have – is it somehow affecting the microtoxins. We have sent samples to the USA for analysis, but did not receive the answer yet – says Dag Saether.

Ecofarms got the rights for importing grain cleaning machines separators in Norway. He thinks that the price on the smallest machine will probably be about 36 000 krones.

- In the first place I see the biggest potential in using of this equipment in the ecological agriculture, however everybody will profit from advancing and improving of own seeds. Or it is possible to use machine for raising the quality of seeds that are being supplied. According to Dag Saether some will be able to repay this machine just during a year.


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20 april 2020
During the harvesting and preparation of grain crops for storage, it is very important to accurately complete all stages of the post-harvest process. One of the most significant steps is grain cleaning. It makes it possible to save the crop from dust and impurities, weeds, pests, dry mass, separate the seeds, and also qualitatively prepare the grain for further storage and processing. Universal grain cleaning equipment CAD separators has a high capacity, processing almost all types and varieties of crops, legumes, oilseeds, industrial, small-seed herbs and vegetables. The grain separator can be used independently or in combination with other units, performing the complete chain of processing crops. AEROMEH company offers grain cleaning machines for various tasks. From us you can buy small separators CAD-4 and CAD-5 for small farms, as well as grain separators CAD-100 and CAD-150 - more productive and always efficient. Grain cleaning equipment of AEROMEH production consists of several components. Grain enters the hopper feeder of the CAD separator. With the help of the vibrating tray, the grain is evenly distributed in the separation chamber over its entire width. Air flow generator of the CAD grain separator processes each element of the separated stream with the powerful flows. During this process, the heap is cleaned of dust, light impurities, crushed grain, weed seeds and other mineral and green impurities. Separation or sorting of grain with the CAD separator is done into 5 fractions. After cleaning with the separator CAD, the best and cleanest grain goes to the 2nd and 3rd fractions. Small impurities, crushed seeds and waste of various origins go to the 4th and 5th fractions. In the calibration mode, the 2nd and 3rd fractions of CAD separators is proper seed material, which is obtained by selecting the grain by the specific weight. The equipment has durable body, and does not have replaceable elements and lubrication points, therefore it can work for many years without failures in operation. At the peak of the season, when the grain cleaning is carried out for many hours in a row, it is very important that the machines work clearly and smoothly, because every day of a downtime can bring losses to the agricultural economy. We offer reliable equipment that does not require expensive consumables or special care, it gives maximum efficiency without taking significant investments. AeroDynamic separator CAD is a modern and reliable grain cleaning equipment. Innovative solutions used in the CAD separator allow to solve a lot of problems in the field of grain cleaning. In addition, CAD is a technology for producing high-yielding seeds. Time tested. phones.

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Marry Cristmass
20 december 2019
"Aeromeh" team wishes everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Let your wishes come true, let your ideas successfully come true, let your aspirations and dreams lead you to new heights of happiness. Be loved in the new year and be healthy, live well and remember: we value each of you. Read more about our location at the exhibition on our phones.

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AEROMEH invites to Kiev for the international exhibition AGRO-2019
1 june 2018
From 4 to 7 June 2019 in Kiev will be held the largest international agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, "AGRO-2019". AEROMECH invites you to visit our stand, which will be located near pavilion 9, place В06. You will be able to see our equipment in operation, as well as get acquainted with the new products. You also have the opportunity to bring grain samples with you to test our grain cleaning machines at work. We will be glad to welcome you at our stand! Read more about our location at the exhibition on our phones.

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